The key to change is awareness that leads to action.

We can awaken our communities and inspire action by delivering consistent, powerful, penetrating messages to our existing networks.

Tools so we can UNITE NATIONALLY AND ACT LOCALLY: To deliver the power of a shared, national platform and the impact of local action, the Stop Selling Our Kids Action Kit Tools are designed to provide both unified messages and local content. Most of the Action Kit Tools can be easily customized to add local content, such as organization logos and local contact and social media information.

Click here to view a full list of our Action Kit Tools and a sample of a customized postcard.

Register to download these free Action Kit tools and deliver them widely and creatively wherever awareness is needed, which is just about everywhere.

Action Kit Use Policy*
In order to align with Stop Selling Our Kids, I/We seek to use and reproduce the items provided in the Stop Selling Our Kids Action Kit Tools and other materials provided on this website including videos (cumulatively "The Tools"). I/We agree to not modify The Tools without the prior written consent of Stop Selling Our Kids. I/We acknowledge that Stop Selling Our Kids owns the trademark Stop the Sale of Our Children for Sex ® and that usage of the trademark and The Tools does not convey any ownership rights.